Thursday, June 13, 2024

Interesting Patterns Using Color To Bring Out Your Creativity

While writing this blog post on home office ideas, I noticed an interesting wall pattern in some of the pictures and that got me excited. I did a lot of reading and digging, and came up with some very intering and unique wall patern ideas that brings out your inner creativity. I am definitely shy to paint and stick with neutral or monochromatic colors, just in case I make a blunder choosing a wall paint. However, when I was trying to decide on a wall paint for my daughter’s room, I discovered so many beautiful warm colors and that makes the room so cheerful. I was still reluctant to try an entire room or even an entire wall fearing it will make the room tacky. I, however, chose a soft pink for the upper part of a wall where the headboard of the bed meets the wall. And I painted the rest of the wall while. It created an interesting geometric pattern. I painted another big wall in her room with grey-green, which I am not very happy with but it is mostly behind bookshelves and wardrobes, so it is sort of safe. My experiment with color actually made me realize how I earthy colors but I am hesitant to try that. All these geometric patterns tell me that that’s possible, if I only use a small dose in a pattern. And no doubt about it, it is incredibly creative and calls for a statement wall. Let’s have a look.

I must say, all these patterns not only make the room unique or beautiful, this also divides the room into zones when you are using a small space for mutiple things. What an interesting an incredible idea. I can’t stop the excitement and can’t wait to try it out at my home. Now I have to search how I create the patterns. I am positive I will come up with another post when i have done my research. Enjoy your weekend!

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