Thursday, April 18, 2024

An Attic Apartment Shows How To Best Utilize The Space

Today is a great day for me because my it’s my daughter’s graduation day. Well, she is going to the middle school from the primary and that’s a significant change in a child’s life. I am eager to see how this special day turns out for her. I had been quite excited as well and to drive my attention to somewhere else, I definitely had to look up for some design inspiration. I am almost coming to an end to finally finish my daughter’s room. It was a very long process and because the room is an attic room, created more challenges. Let’s agree, attic rooms are really difficult to work with and coming up with a design plan that is both stylish and functional takes a lot of work. I realized it fully when designing my daughter’s room. This apartment in Sweden shows us how to best utlize a small attic space creatively.

There are so many ideas to use in my own space like using the crawl space, which I am already using for a storage but it is not as organized as I see here. The other idea that I really liked was how tey disguised the TV. That is one brilliant idea. However, the idea that i liked the most is using the vertical space in the staircase. I have a similar staircase and it is quite bare. This gives me an idea how to best utilize that vertical space which is otherwise going wasted. Did you find something useful here? I would love to know.

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