Thursday, December 01, 2022

A Loft Home In Barcelona With A Beautiful Terrace

Hello, and what a day it was yesterday. I wrote about my daughter’s graduation from primary to secondary school and that was indeed such a wonderful event. The videos that were lovingly created and curated by the teachers were incredible. It was so nice to hear all the interviews by the little kids. The questions were the same the answers were so different and insightful. It was a lovely event and I feel sad already that my child is leaving the primary. Now that needs some encouragement and indulgence and my indulgence is to dream about sunny Spain. Did I mention that I had to cancel my planned summer vacation in Spain? That’s a bummer but no one can stop me from day dreaming though. I still remember very fondly about our trip to Barcelona. That was a short trip and I didn’t have a chance to see inside any of those lovely homes. I fulfil my wish here. Here is a charming loft in Barcelona, my very favourite city, with a beautiful terrace.

The terrace is just lovely. And with a loft situation, the skylights and the terrace fills the apartment with light. This terrace is full of inspiration. What do you think?

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