Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Newly Built House Shows How To Mix Comfort With Old World Charm

Many of us prefer to live in old houses because of their incredible charm, but that may not be quite feasible for many reasons. Perhaps we live in a modern city because of work or perhaps we prefer the comfort of modern technology or it could be any other reason. This apartment in Sweden shows us that we can still instill some old world charm in a newly-built home with wooden facade, large windows, wooden floors, floral wallpaper while retaining the comform of modern technology through an open plan living-dining-kitchen, two balconies streaming all the light and walk-in-closets. Let’s explore.

Now that was charming, wasn’t it? I absolutely loved the balconies, the large windows, the open kitchen and the wooden facade. That was quite a lesson. The floral wallpaper adds to the charm. I live in a modern house too and I am wondering how can I bring in some old world charm in my modern house. I guess I would start with a small dose of a floral wallpaper and I am planning to change my laminate flooring to wood floor. That could be a good start.

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