Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Teeny-tiny Studio Shows Us How To Live A Minimal Life

Hello there. Ever wondered how some people live in very small spaces and yet their places look stylish and elegant? That is my eternal question. I read as much as possible on leading a minimal life and yet I have not been able to figure it out for myself. I can’t say that I lead a life full of mess, however clutter in my house does bother me most of the time. I clean, organize and purge a lot and still clutter creeps us from somewhere or nowhere. I am absolutely away of how a minimal life could be so much stress free (for me at least and I am not judging you if you like maximalism). This Studio in Sweden is so stylish and yet so minimal.

The studio has a really small footprint of just 39 square meters which roughly translates to around 420 square feet. Despite the small footprint, I find the studio so elegant and at the same time calming. It has everything on its place and I guess that is the trick. The design flows in a very balanced way and the large windows bringing in tons of light creates an illusion of more space. Not every surface is crammed woth stuff and mirrors are placed at vantage points to reflect more light and in turn again creating an illusion of more space. I love this trick and I have strarted applying this. I must say though, I am quite surprised to see a large kitchen in such a small space and that is indeed very helpful.

Wow! What an inspiration.

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