Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Holiday Home In Menorca Shows Us How To Spend An Idyllic Summer

Summer vacation has officially started in Netherlands and I am dispapointed that my booked trip to Spain had to be cancelled. The weather here is also not great and that spoils my mood to a great extent as well. However, the good part is we are travelling somewhere nearby just for a few days. Even though it is not in Spain and even though it is not something I imagined, it is something and I am grateful for that. When I am thinking of my imaginary vacation, I guess I am thinking more on the line of back-to-basic summer lifestyle, where you spend the long summer days doing particularly nothing. In fact that reminds me, when I asled my daughter to make a list of must do and would-be-nice to do activities, my daughter wrote “nothing in particular” in her must do list. How nice! That would be an idyllic summer. This house in Menorca by the Mediterranean provokes us to do just that – enjoy, swim, eat and do nothing in particular.

Now wouldn’t this house be a perfect place to enjoy an idyllic summer and doing nothing in particular other than to relax or chill out with close friends and family? Oh I wish I could. But I can dream of course. Now I am off to Germany tomorrow for a mini vacation and will be back on next Monday. Enjoy your summer.

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