Monday, December 04, 2023

A Barcelona Apartment Is Renovated To Create A Better Flow

Hello there, I am back from my mini vacation and it was quite a busy day today. I didn’t really enjoy my vacation that much because it was again quite a busy one and I really wanted to have a relaxing one. It seems with age, my idea of vacation is changing. I still remember my vacation in Mallorca or Brasov in Romania where I didn’t do much other than taking long walks, strolling, enjoying the architechture and the relaxing environment. Talking about Mallorca, this house tour is also from Spain, although not from Mallorca but from my another very favourite spanish city – Barcelona. This apartment in Barcelona was renovated for a mother with three children to make it more airy and light. Because of the design it was poorly laid out and dark despite the big windows. The renovation created a better flow and restored a balance between open and private spaces.

I just love all the custom cabinetry for all the storage and those large windows bringin in so much light. The bookshelves are most sought after for me at least. I can totally see myself relaxing in that balcony with a book, All the earthy tones tones, the fresh linen and the wood was like a breath of fresh air to me.

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