Wednesday, September 27, 2023

A Tiny Apartment With A Small Balcony Shows How To Tie Indoor-Outdoor

Hello and hope you all had been doing great. I had a great day yesterday. I had a dinner invitation and we talked at length on different subjects that I found extremely interesting. The weather here in the Netherlands had been going strong – I am absolutely grateful for this beautiful blue sky and the gorgeous sunshine. I can’t complain. And to enjoy the summer time more with my daughter, I have decided I will write on my blogs only three days a week – usually Moday, Wednesday and on Fridays. I believe that would free me up some quality time to connect more with my daughter and also take the much needed break and relaxation time that I talk about all the time. I am also working on my backyard to make it more usable during the summer so that we can actually spend some time outdoors and connect more with nature. That brought me back to my today’s topic – a teeny tiny apartment in Sweden with just a small balcony and how greatly it connects the indoor with outdoor.

Well, this is such a small apartment – just 40 square meters, which is roughly 430 square feet. However, it doesn’t feel cramped at all and the best part is the balcony and the large windows. From every angle you could see either the windows or the balconies. You have a sight of the sky or the trees all the time even though it is surrounded by buildings. Great, yeah? 🙂

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