Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Beach House In Byron Bay Shows How To Have An Endless Summer

Hello. I am supposed to be enjoying my summer, however the busyness in general is not allowing me to relax the way I usually do every summer. Summer vacation means time spent with my daughter all day at home. Summer vacation also means long trips. But this year, long trip has been cancelled and the short trip was anything but relaxing. My daughter is indeed at home, however all the work and chores have somehow multiplied, so our casual routine of getting up late and having a lazy breakfast and in general lazying around is not hapenning. This afternoon, I sort of took resort to this vitual tour of this beach house to enjoy an endless summer.

Ah well, this could have been my dream summer with not much agenda and nothing much to do, only relaxing by the pool. I wish I had a way to just relax and slow down too. Well, I can dream.

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