Sunday, November 27, 2022

A Summer Home In Ibiza Shows How To Embrace Slow Living

Hello. After another busy weekend, I am yet to understand how to actually enjoy this summer without much to do. I had been reading about slow living for some time and it seems some people have already made this a part of their life. I must say though, kudos to them, because as much as it sounds easy, it is quite difficult. When you consider all your chores, responsibilities, career, passion and social life combined together, slow living seems to me a delusion. However, it doesn’t have to be. While difficult, it can be done. It’s a way of life and it has to start with your home. This country home in Ibiza belongs to the interior designer Virginia Nieto, and is a perfect example for that. The summer home is surrounded by trees and overlooks the Mediterannean – that is bliss. Plants welcome the home and the house and the pool were built around the palms, the cypress and the junipers. The environment is an ideal anti-stress cure, a place to disconnect from your fast pace life, and a place to re-connect with your own self, to slow down and to reflect.

The most that I loved in this house was definitely the bathroom after the beautiful porch and outdoor area. I know, I know. All of us do not have the privilege to build a house like this in Ibiza, so we try to incorporate the ideals of slow living the way we can, however, there is no one stopping me from day dreaming. This virtual tour was incredible and it made me take a break and reflect. And even if I cannot own a place like this, a vacation somewhere like this for a few days would be wonderful. 🙂 I embrace slow living.

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