Monday, December 04, 2023

A Beautiful, Light & Bright Oasis In The Middle Of The City

Light and bright is always my favorite way of home design. I do like color in some form, thrown here and there but I prefer them subtly like in a painting or through accessories, wood or fabric. That’s a classic style and that always look elegant, even if I there’s not much else going on. This Swedish attic apartment is such a classic example of light and bright in the middle of the city – and it indeed looks like an oasis. Let’s explore.

The choice of wall color, paintings, the blown glass chandelier, the vintage wooden cabinets along with some IKEA, not sure what not to love. The design seems easy, not overly complicated at the same time looks timeless and elegant – this is what a light and bright apartment should like. isn’t it? And if you are not sure of your design choices or a consistent theme, I belive just leaving the walls a light color and bringing in some subtle colorful accessories is a safe option to make your space look elegant.

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