Thursday, June 13, 2024

10 Small Entryway Ideas Showing How To Make The Best Out Of Your Small Space

Small Space living is challenging, let’s accept that. But small space living is also intersting because what’s the fun without the challenge? Ever since I have moved to Europe, I have started understanding that you have to be creative to me make the best of your space. My dutch houes has a very narrow and small entryway with 4 doors and a staircase. And none of these is a closet mind you. There is hardly any space for all our jackets, scarves, gloves, shoes and whatnot. I am on a mission to make this space work and I am constantly searching for ideas to improve the flow and make sure that we don’t have shoes or ‘stuff’ lying on the floor. I must say it’s tricky. Whatever method I have thought of, has not worked properly and I am yet to find the right solution. Here are 10 more ideas of small entryways that make do with whatever little space they have and make the make the best out of that small space. Let’s explore.

As you can see, none of these pictures have a lot of space but still they do not look cramped. I must admit though, my entryway is narrower than any of these and we have loads more shoes and jackets. We have a strick “shoes at the entryway policy”, so storing all these shoes is no easy task, but hey again what is life without a challenge? 🙂

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