Tuesday, October 03, 2023

A Rammed-Earth Vacation House In South Africa Shows How To Embrace An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Hello there. This week I had been practicing more relaxation and no routine and hence I slipped off from writing my posts. I am too particular about my routines and I follow them by heart, but this week I thought of doing something else rather – slowing down. I am constantly writing and encouraging people about slowing down and being more mindful, however, when it comes to my own life, I find it hard to practise. So this week was more intentional on slowing down, savoring each moment with my daughter, enjoy the vacation, spending time outdoors, connecting more with nature and being more mindful. And I guess I have been partly successful. That brings me to my today’s topic – a rammed-earth vacation house in South Africa that celebrates connection to outdoor.

I have never featured an article about houses in South Africa and I have never been to South Africa. It’s on my bucket list thought. This house is located on the outskirts of Maun, a town on the Thamalakane river in northern Botswana and belongs to a designer who designs safari lodges in Africa. The reason rammed-earth was used in this house because of the ability of the earth walls to absorb the heat of the day and disperse it through the night. And of course the warm and natural look of the earth makes it a part of the natural world. But the most beautiful and practical aspect to me was the plunge pool and the bathtub. I am aware of the excruciating heat in that part of the world and what a nice way to soothe yourself in that pool or the buthtub. Oh and did I mention the house runs on solar energy. I know this is not for everyone, but this is indeed a way of life for some who make a choice to be environmentally conscious.

I am inspired. Are you?

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