Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Mastering The Art Of How To Live Well In A Small Space From This Very Small Swedish Apartment

Finally Friday and I want to wrap up this week with a tour of a Swedish apartment (always my favorite) that shows how to make best use of our small space. As much as I love living in a small space, because, well it’s challenging and more creative, I am also running out of ideas now and then and it’s a constant struggle. So any small space living that has mastered the art is really my favorite topic. This Swedish apartment shows how to actually live well in a small space without compromising any design or aesthetic. Let’s explore.

Wow! What an inspiring apartment is that! What I loved the most is the small bed side table, which is just a box on the wall. I also loved those shelves in the kitchen that holds pretty ceramics and plants. Actually there is so much to learn. Every room has at least some great ideas.

Now I am off to enjoy my weekend and I hope you enjoy your weekend too.

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