Friday, March 01, 2024

Renovation Of This California House Includes An Artist’s Studio And Balances Hand Craftsmanship With Modern Technology

Hello and I hope your weekend was spent well. Mine was nothing different, it was a mix of some rest and some chores. I had some good time reading and taking a long walk by the beach. This is one good aspect of living in a country where the sea is not that far. I love walking by the beach, I am not so much of a fan of lying on the sand and sunbathing. I prefer taking long walks by the sea where the cool breeze of the sea comforts me and the view of the horizon calms my mind. I feel grateful. 🙂

While looking for some inspiration for my home studio (I am planning to make one), I found this home in San Francisco, California, renovated by Ryan Leidner Architecture. The renovation included an artist’s studio that was built in the backyard in the space of an existing dilapidated garage, The house is an example of hand craftsmanship and modern technology such as solar power and radiant heating system. Let’s dive deep.

The last four pictures are from the new artist’s studio, which was earlier a dilapidated garage. What a remarkable change and what a lovely space for a studio. I have a similar space in my backyard (albeit way too smaller) which I use for storage. I am wondering if I can change it to a studio. This is such an eye-opener.

You can read more about this project and the before and after photos here and here.

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Leidner Architechture and Mariko Reed.

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