Thursday, June 13, 2024

This Charming Apartment Teaches How to Practise Mindfulness Through Farming

Did you know that growing your own vegetables can be a very satisfying activity? For the last many years I had been thinking of creating a vegetable corner in my backyard. I have grown some small stuff like tomatoes, chillies, lettuce, lemons and paprika and when you take care of them, see them grow and finally pluck them with your own hands and make something delecious for your loved ones – that gives such a sense of satisfaction that is difficult to find elsewhere. But you know the other very important aspect that I had realized only after I experienced it personally – farming and gardening is such a mindful excercise. You spend each moment in the present and you truly experience that you have only moments to live – these moments.

When it comes to farming or gardening, we immediately associate a country house or a larger space but small space farming or container gardening is also possible if you live in aparments. This charming Swedish apartment is just an example where people are using their common courtyard and patios to create a beautiful farm feeling. The apartment itself is a very soothing and minimal space with not much clutter, but what I love most is the outdoor space.

As I mentioned above, the apartment itself has such a calming vibe that you can’t help but feel relaxed. And all the produce in the containers is a living example that you can grow your vegetables in containers if you just have a balcony or a very small outdoor space. Tending to my vegetables has been a very healing and mindful experience and I hope it helps you create your own mindful space as well. I also hope that it helps you in your mindful journey, wherever you are at your journey, even if you are just a beginner.

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