Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Beach House On Costa Brava With Amazing Vistas Of The Mediterranean

This year for summer vacation we had planned a trip to Costa Brava in Spain, which we had to cancel at the very last minute. After watching a movie which was shot in and around that region in Spain, I had set my heart on Costa Brava. So I switched to my research mode and came up with tons of ideas and inspirations about visiting the region. The cancellation was a huge setback for me and and as a compensation we did go somewhere nearby for a few days but my expectations didn’t meet and I am still longing to visit Costa Brava. However, as difficult as it might be now dow to the covid regulations, I have no boundaries when it comes to a virtual visit. And when I stumbled upn this house from El Meuble and Nook Architechts, I was enthralled. Without further ado, let’s explore.

Oh lovely! Isn’t it? I could spend all my day in that balcony or perhaps walking on that beach by the rocks. This is a perfect place for relaxtion, for reading and for healing. And I loved the tiles in the kicthen and the bathroom. That gives such a Mediterranean vibe. I am still thinking how to incorporate some tiles like that in my own house. This tour of the house has only made my intentions of coming to Costa Brava strongers. I am sure it will happen one day, some day. It’s just a matter of time. Costa Brava here I come.

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