Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Bright Apartment With A Beautiful Terrace To Enjoy The Outdoor

Finally Friday and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. The school has just re-opened after the summer vacation and we are settling in but these last couple of weeks had been quite crazy and busy. My daughter Oishi started her secondary school and the new routine is quite erratic unlike the primary school. We are still getting used to the new routine. So all I am looking forward to now is rest and heal. That said, I am still enjoying the last few days of summer. Out here in Netherlands, it’s already fall weather but so far we have glorious sunshine and I am still enjoying our backyard. I was wondering about buying a outdoor heater so that we can continue to enjoy the backyard till end of October, but haven’t really decided. This Swedish apartment with a beautiful terrace is compelling me to use my own backyard more and as long as possible till the weather permits. I am grateful for the gorgeous weather so far.

What a nice place to unwind and even though the apartment seems quite small (just one bedroom), the terrace is quite big and it has been used cleverly to be able to enjoy the space. Now I am off to enjoy my outdoor space, till the weather lasts. See you all on Monday. Happy weekend. 🙂

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