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How To Bring A Significant Difference To Your Life

“Change your future by visualizing it.” — Vertellis Chapters

Spain is one of my most favorite countries. There is something in the Spanish culture, perhaps the laid-back attitude, focus on families, the Moorish architecture, and the warmth in people that attracts me so much to Spain.

There is a certain charm to this country and culture that cannot be denied and that’s why I keep coming back to Spanish home tours. And mind you, Spain is not just about tapas and paellas or even flamenco.

My planned trip to Costa Brava, Spain for this summer got canceled and I felt naturally quite disappointed. Although my first trip to Spain — that was in Madrid — didn’t go well, our wallet got stolen and we had absolutely no money (that was a thrilling experience but I leave that for another time). However, that didn’t stop me from coming back.

I went back to the country time and again both to the islands and mainland Spain, only to love it more and more.

Now you may wonder, why I am telling you this story and about my love for Spain and the Spanish. That’s because I believe, every story has a connection, a real meaning waiting to be found out.

Change Your Future by Visualizing It

I wrote in this article, how journaling has been a therapeutic activity for me on this mental health journey. I tried different options, but I found Vertellis Chapters (not an affiliate link) as the most effective one because it has several assignments and prompts.

One of the assignments had been a visualization assignment where I had the prompt to picture my future self. The assignment was to write as many details as possible about myself ten years later — and you guess what! I saw myself by a Spanish coast, walking along the Mediterranean, the cool breeze of the sea comforting me.

That picture stayed with me and gave me so much comfort and hope. The time I did that assignment, I had no hope. I questioned the very existence of my life, of my being to the point that I wondered if ending my life would be a better solution. Thank goodness, I found help and tools to work on my mental health.

Get Rid of Your Limiting Convictions

Sometimes, we have very limiting beliefs and convictions about ourselves and hence our future. Vertellis Chapters explains very beautifully here:

“It has already been said: our thoughts determine our reality. We take the thoughts and convictions we have about ourselves as true and they determine our behavior. Do not let yourself be stopped by limiting convictions!”

That one assignment made me look beyond my difficulties and the present situation I was in. I wrote in great detail how I look, what kind of hairstyle I have, where I live, what sort of a home, what I do, how I feel, what is important to me, what are my values, what I am excited about, what sort of life I lead.

I dreamt as if everything is possible without any constraint. I let my worries go for a moment. I let go of my limiting beliefs about myself, about what I can or cannot.

When you get rid of your limiting convictions, you can do wonders. Sometimes, you do not even know about all your strengths and potential.

Understand That It Takes Time To Change

It didn’t change my life overnight. Not even in the next few days or weeks or even months. But there was change. The change was gradual. The change was slow. The change was first in my mind and then in my body.

It helped me change my posture, how I talked, and how I set boundaries (I had none). It changed my thought patterns. It brought back the self-worth in me that was lost a long time ago. It made my life significantly better.

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” — Harriet Tubman

Remember, even though it sounds like a small and simple assignment, it has a powerful impact. It’s a holistic change that changes your mindset and all the limiting beliefs that you have had so far. So it takes time.


Next time, when you are too depressed about your life’s situation, I suggest you try a visualization assignment and do not hold back when you do it. Don’t forget to write it down.

As for me, I have overcome my limiting beliefs about myself and have started afresh. I still do not live in Spain, but that was not the point of my visualization assignment. I wanted to get rid of my convictions that my life is such a failure, which isn’t it and that is the point.

Perhaps someday, one day, I will have the opportunity to live in Spain. For the time being, I am content planning my trips to Spain or at the least going through so many house tours and reading and looking at amazing pictures.

And every time, I feel disoriented, I think of that picture of me walking by the Mediterranean. I took this quote by Vertellis to heart:

“Dream as if everything is possible!”

So don’t lose hope, visualize, don’t stop dreaming, and believe in yourself. I hope this helps you in bringing some difference to your life in a positive way.

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