Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Beautiful Minimal Apartment With Books And Charm

Sometimes the beauty is in keeping things simple. In terms of home design, that would translate to keeping the clutter away, and to do that, keeping things minimal is your best bet. In this charming and serene apartment, we can see that less is actually more. Let’s explore.

I just love the calming effect it has. Coming home would be so peaceful after all the chaos in the world. I would look forward to coming home every evening and spend some time on that small balcony. And the fresh, white linen and the plants are so soothing to the eyes. The best thing I like about this apartment is the books. I love a bookshelf full of books and it adds so much color to an otherwise neutral home. And reading is my most favorite pastime, cannot think of a home without books, doesn’t matter what other expensive items you might have. Yay for books! I would live here in a heartbeat.

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