Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Stunningly Beautiful Melbourne Home Basking In Sunshine

Today is such a gloomy day here in the Netherlands that I need all the sunshine. So the moment I saw this home in Melbourne with a pool and lots of sunshine, I knew this is it. This has to be my home tour for today. I need all the sunshine, and I want to do nothing else, but just sit by the pool with a book and relax. Hah!

I loved the fireplace in the bathroom. I mean really? How gorgeous that can be. The idea of a spa-like bathroom is already very popular and I like it for a reason, well bathrooms are not just the place to mind your business and be done with it, they are the place where you take out the stress of your day through a warm shower or a relaxing bath. So fireplace in the bathroom, to me, is one step ahead. And I loved the open plan living where the pool is always visible. A slice of paradise. 🙂

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