Tuesday, October 03, 2023

A Home In Costa Brava To Offer You Ultimate Tranquility

Did I ever tell you that Spain is one of my most favorite countries? Well, I guess I think I have already said that many times, but it doesn’t hurt to say that one more time. There is something in the Spanish culture, perhaps the laidback attitude, focus on families, and the warmth in people that attracts me so much to Spain. There is a certain charm to this country and culture that you cannot deny and that’s why I keep coming back to Spanish home tours. And mind you, Spain is not just about tapas and paellas or even flamenco.

And did I tell you my planned Costa Brava trip to Spain for this summer got canceled and how disappointed I felt? Although my first trip to Spain (Madrid) didn’t go well, our wallet got stolen and we had absolutely no money (that’s for another time), but that didn’t stop me from coming back. I have come back to the country time and again both to the islands and mainland Spain, only to love it more and more.

I had a visualization assignment for my Vertellis journal where I had the prompt to picture my future me and I saw myself by a Spanish beach, walking along the Mediterranean, the cool breeze of the sea comforting me. That picture stayed with me and gave me so much comfort and hope. Perhaps someday, one day, I will have the opportunity to live in Spain. For the time being, I am contented planning my trips to Spain or at the least going through these house tours. This home is in Costa Brava, yes the place where I was supposed to be during the summer, right by the Mediterranean. I can only imagine how fortunate those people are who are able to stay here and enjoy the ultimate that this place has to offer. Let’s dive deep.

Thanks with courtesy: Deco Planet and El Meuble

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