Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Beautiful Concept Of Indoor-Outdoor Connection In Australian Homes

Australian Homes are a great source of inspiration to me. When I think of Australian Homes, I think of indoor-outdoor ties. The terrace homes in Australia can be very narrow and long, so it is quite possible that the middle portion of the house does not get much light. However, in most home tours from Australia, I see that people are quite creative in bringing in light and tying a connection between the indoor and outdoor. This terrace home in a suburb of Sydney from One Kindesign is such an example. I just loved to see how creative people can be with their spaces.

As we all know now, nature has a great healing effect. In my house, while I am writing this, I have a beautiful view of my backyard, my olive tree, and the blue sky beyond. It does have a great healing effect. It does give me much-needed peace and tranquility. So there is no denying that a house with an indoor-outdoor connection would have a greater sense of calm and would help you take away some of the stress that life can throw at you. And the best part of this house to me is the outdoor kitchen with barbeque. That’s my kind of kitchen – I am surrounded by nature while cooking.

What do you think of this house? Does give you more inspiration in bringing nature inside?

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