Thursday, June 13, 2024

Planning a New Laundry Room

Or rather a laundry closet – because that is the amount of space that I have for laundry. I am thankful that I have laundry facility in my home and I don’t have to lug my clothes to a laundromat. Yes, I don’t have a separate room, what I have is tiny slither of space in the attic right beside the staircase. Right now it’s open area – the entire attic is an open space and looks quite messy with laundry supplies, dirty clothes and linen. My daughter uses the room for playing. So we decided to enclose the laundry area into a closet with doors and make a separate room for my daughter as her bedroom/playroom. I am not yet very sure about the exact layout of the future room, but considering the space I have for the laundry area, I have some inspiration for that purpose.

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